Guide To That Dream Solidor

Because there’s such a wealth of choice at Solidor it can be difficult trying to settle on the final design. Companies like are on hand to help you install a brand new door into your property and if you use the online door designer facility as it allows you to create prospective door designs on a desktop or mobile device by playing around with the various door styles, colours and accessories available.

  1. Choose from one of four entrance types

All tastes are catered for when it comes to entranceway styles. Our traditional/cottage style doors beautifully complement period homes and cottages, whilst those living in newer properties may favour the contemporary Italia range. We also offer stable and French doors for an entirely contrasting entrance type.

  1. Select a frame type

Now it’s time to pick the type of door frame you want. Stick with a conventional frame, or entice more natural light into your hallway and give the finished design added extravagance by including a side panel or two.

  1. Pick a door style4686147612_17f5efc336_o

We regularly introduce new door ranges. Our recently launched Edinburgh and London collections will appeal to anyone wanting to set the trend in their neighbourhood, or settle for a proven classic such as the Beeston.

  1. Colour, glaze and accessorise your door

You can finish your door and the door frame internally and externally in 20 fashionable finishes. With 11,000 possible colour combinations available, just about every look is achievable.

Then it needs to be glazed either with an understated glass or a glass that really emphasises an elaborate pattern.

Lastly, accessorise the door with the many essential designer accessories that every door needs; handle, hinges, locking system, letterplate etc.

  1. Request a quote

When you have created a door design that you’re happy with, the last thing you need to do is request a FREE quote for your chosen door.

With so many composite doors available in today’s market it can be a difficult task deciding which one to invest in.

As security is such a central factor, it is important to look at the different accreditations that the doors come with as these give you an indication of just how secure the door you are buying is.

It’s great that we tell you that we have these accreditations, but what do they actually mean to you, the homeowner?

Let’s take a look…

PAS24: 2016 Certified – An “of the moment” accreditation that everyone in the industry is talking about.

Put simply PAS24:2016 is designed to assess how secure the door is.  It does this by simulating the attack usually associated with the casual or opportunistic burglar.

PAS24-2016 is also a requirement for the Secured by Design Licence, which we will come to later.

In security terms, our doors have been put through stringent physical and weather testing including attempting to cut a 50mm hole through the door in under 3 minutes.

Author: Marsha Bow

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