Cleaning Your Paving

Maintaining brand new block paving is a tedious but necessary job to ensure that the new paving stones have settled correctly. For the first few weeks after laying new paving, the joints between the block pavings will be very porous. Water from rain or other sources will flush out jointing sand and can this is especially an issue on sloping sites. It is important that you keep your joints topped up with sand to prevent damage to your driveway. A general clean of your block paving at the start of the spring months with a stiff broom and good detergent, followed by the appropriate weed preventions restricts the ingress of unwanted plants. This can affect the long term durability of your purchase.

If you use power washers to clean your driveway or patio, the directed water should be at a thirty degree angle and no more to the paved surface and sprayed diagonally across the joints. This Stoneprevents the dislodging of all the joints and not following this advice may mark the surface of paving materials and break up the materials in between. If you use any detergents and don’t use a company like then you need to ensure you wash away any leftover cleaning products. Ensure it is channelled to suitable drainage points and when this has been done, inspect the joints and re-sand and re-point any damage as necessary.

Removing stains and spills is simple as well, but before you apply any treatments to block paving, ensure you test out a small area first so that you don’t end up damaging the entire patio or driveway. When you treat the stains it’s advisable to identify the source of the staining.  Companies like do what they can to ensure that all stains are identified on block paving and can advise on the removal of rust stains.

Rust stains are important to get rid of and you need to identify and treat the source of rust staining to prevent any further staining or a re-occurrence of staining. To remove the stains made by rust from paving, first you need to wet the affected area and then apply with 10% hydrochloric acis solution, or a similar product you can get from a builders merchants or company like Cleaning leaf and beverage stains from block paving is also easy as all you need is hot soapy water. If it doesn’t work, a patio cleaner from the local hardware shops can also do the trick.

Tyre marks are an issue with most driveways as people can sometimes scuff as they reverse in or out. General weathering and wearing of the surface of the block paving should remove tyre marks over time but they can be removed faster by a big scrubbing session. Power washes should also do the job and you should always make sure that you use the correct solutions or detergents to help the scuff marks.

Author: Marsha Bow

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