Benefits of a Wood Moisture Meter for Cold and Dry Season

Did you know that you just can’t use any wood for you to burn it? If you have a fireplace and a wood-burning stove, it is necessary to check for the forest that you want to use in getting warm of cooking for your meal. To compare the wood on a hot season, apparently, the wood is indeed scorched. However, on cold seasons, it is guaranteed that anything else is damped. That is why it is essential for you to check the moisture content to every wood that you have gathered in the woods. It is also not guaranteed that purchasing woods to the store has been reviewed by the business owner. Therefore, a useful tool to determine the moisture content of the wood is a must to use like at


A wood moisture meter is a great equipment for those who are using the wood burning stove or in an open fire. The purpose of a moisture meter is to determine the moisture content of the wood before using it for burning. Keep in mind that the result should be at least about 20%, regardless of any burning tools that you desired to use. There are three different kinds of wood moisture meter which are the pin-type, pin-less and the all-in-one moisture meter. Any of these meter scales can be used to read the percentage of moisture content in the wood. Testing the wood is very important and necessary by putting depth as you use the moisture meter.

Another reason for you to check if the wood is fully seasoned for usage is to avoid a significant amount of smoke while burning the wood. As soon as you have determined the amount of moisture content, it is in your quick judgment to decide which wood for burning is essential to use. Before any purchase, it is important that you check for any brand’s unique features of the item which is of significant impact to the environment by avoiding a cause of pollution. Other ways aside from burning wood with stove and open fire is the chimney. Imagine having fewer vent deposits because you have identified the wood that is proper for burning.

Indeed, it is a fulfillment if having to burn wood that does not affect the environment. To counterpart the discussion, if you happened not to use a wood moisture meter, here are the following comparison of burning wood without checking its moisture content.

  1. Chimneys are even smokier
  2. There is lower heat output
  3. There is a lesser chance for the word to burn and create fire.
  4. Glass of the stove is dirty which has tar and deposits of creosote
  5. A significant cause of environmental damage, especially the ozone layer
  6. It is potentially very corrosive and harmful in the chimney area.

The use of a wood moisture meter is, therefore, necessary for the assessment for timber, buildings, floor moisture content. Moreover, if you are going to use a green wood, its moisture is range scaled at about 30 to 60% depending on the kind of wood that you want to use.

Author: Marsha Bow

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