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146824528Territory alignment and design is a common aspect used for mapping software. Territory alignment refers to the process wherein it sets up the sales workloads and footprints, allocates the products or customers to representatives and then assigns the personnel into different territories. With various territory management software, at least the aforementioned features are found on each of them. You can find a good territory management software featured in

Territory management must be very effective, not to mention very crucially in most sales operations in a company, especially on those that are relying on the business to business revenue. In the process of sales performance management, territory management is part of its significant component. It is also essential for resource deployment, sales force planning, financial reporting and incentive compensation. However, most of the work in creating the territory alignments these days is still being done using the spreadsheets. Doing this ignores the fact that most of the territories include real world locations wherein it will be best understood in a way through data visualization tool.

One significant aspect of the alignment process is territory visualization. Others have the hierarchical representation of the territory realignment capabilities, the territories itself, territory optimization, the ability in utilizing data sources that will help balance the assigned territories, delegation and collaboration in the territorial process and the sharing of the results for continuous reporting. All of this definition must be found in your software of choosing.

Loading tools

The territory builder, depending on the software you’ve chosen from, gives you the ability in building up the territories from an already existing file. It doesn’t matter whether you are using a file designed in a different mapping software or that you have had the territories assigned using the CRM system, you can still load the file into the software. You only need to make sure that the locations are matched up and the other territory identifiers and the software will do the rest for you. The territories will be ready for the user to get reassigned, edit, balance and even align to give it an even workload that leads to a greater motivated workforce.

Building tools

You can also build up the sales territories manually through the Territory Builder of the software. Start by selecting a region dataset and from there, use it as a basis in your sales territory. After that, it is all a simple process of choosing the regions that you prefer to be added to every territory.

There is an alternative to creating this, and that is by making the sales territories manually using the polygon drawing tool. This will allow you to select the geographic areas in bulk to be added into your territories. With this tool, you get to click on the map using the starting point and then continue to add points that you think is necessary. Usually you will be drawing a shape wherein it intersects all the regions that you wish to select. The areas included within the shape will automatically be added to your territory.

Author: Marsha Bow

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